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About Ranch Run

Ranch Run is an amazing animal racing game where you can choose your animals from 100+ species and have them compete against other real players.

You can win the epic race, collect diamonds and amazing items, all while transforming your ranch and animals into the best in the world!

Currently the game has been available on the iTunes storeGoogle Play Store and Amazon Store.

Download now and start the RACE! Ranch Run is completely FREE to play but there are optional in-app purchases available.

Ranch Run Features

- Tigers, Dragons, Poodles, Cows, Horses and Unicorns - just to name a few pets!

- Connect with friends on Facebook and use their pets to help in tough races!

- Use the powers of bananas, sonic boom & tackle dashes to race to victory!

- design and decorate your Ranch, and elect one pet to be your leader!

- Compete in League Play, race to the top, and win amazing rewards!

Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! Visit for FAQs, or email us at:

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Play Ranch Run - Ready, Steady and Go!!!00:19

Play Ranch Run - Ready, Steady and Go!!!

Ranch Run - First Look Gameplay HD Android10:46

Ranch Run - First Look Gameplay HD Android

Latest Update!!!
Greetings Ranch Runners!

Thank you for your continued feedback – you are the reason we keep racing at max speed to make Ranch Run better!

We heard your requests and improved the game by reducing the amount of food needed to feed your pets. We've also reduced the number of gems needed to purchase the merchant's items. Great news uh?

Please update to the new version! It's easier than algebra and don't forget to rate us!

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